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Wolf Amaterasu Quadsuit Arm Stilts WIP by jinxedcynder Wolf Amaterasu Quadsuit Arm Stilts WIP by jinxedcynder
This was...quite a while ago.
These are my arm stilts for my Amaterasu Okami quadsuit, that i wore at NDK 2012.
Amaterasu/Shiranui is now for sale:…

I purposely made the arm stilts two inches shorter than most would regularly have them in order to try to keep the costume look smaller, even though I have to bend my legs more. The stilts are double jointed, four inch PVC pipe at the top, jointed to three inch PVC in the middle. A five inch carriage bolt for a sturdy joint. The paw is made of a closed cell foam, so when I step it sets down nicely. Elastic pulls the paw back making another joint, duct tape and hot glue hold it in places, duct tape and fur secure it on the front of the ankle. Fur covering the elastic is easily removed in case it becomes too old and lax and needs to be replaced. Individual pieces of foam were carved for the pieces of the paw, which were covered in brown vinyl, a piece of plastic in between the foam and vinyl on the large pad to keep the paw a little sturdier. Short fur was glued around the paw. Claws were sculpted from black clay. I cut holes in the fur fabric, textured the clay then glued the claws to the inside foam and fabric.
Ankle design pieces were cut foam, indents were cut into the design for authenticity, and colored with fabric marker. Short fur on the front, long on the back, glued and hand sewn together.
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CLIDEthewolf Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
wow! how did you make them?
jinxedcynder Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Kind of a hard to explain lol, it's never as simple as:this is how i made them XD In addition to the information in the description, here is a bit more :)I needed a table saw to cut the PVC, and a drill to make the holes for the carriage bolt and the handles. I sanded down all the sides to make it smooth so I wouldn't scratch anything on the hard edges. A lot of measuring and planning hard to be done before I actually made the basic stilts though. All the foam was cut with an exacto knife and scissors. For that shitty green foam everyone uses I found scissors more effective personally. From the game I got a picture of Ammy's paw print and I tried to mimic the exact shape for the pads that I cut out with foam and vinyl. Then everything was basically hot glued together. The elastic is hot glued and duct tapped, along with the front of the paw. There is a bit of green foam on top of the paw just to give a bit of definition for the toes. Fur was nearly entirely hotglued on. That had to be done very carefully as to not show, but in the end the fur looked fairly good. If you have any specific questions let me know :)
CLIDEthewolf Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
awesome! thanks omg that was such a good help!!! thankyou you've made my day!! :D
jinxedcynder Featured By Owner May 10, 2013  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
you're very welcome
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